Jillian Davis

Jillian Davis (she/her)

VP of Brand Marketing & Communications


Jillian has spent her career helping companies build brands that connect with people and move business forward. With a proven track record spanning almost 20 years, her expertise has left a mark on companies ranging from Silicon Valley startups to the Fortune 1.

Jillian is passionate about crafting meaningful brand strategies grounded in an organization’s core values and aligned with the needs and priorities of the people they serve. She has deep experience in leading organizations through customer research, brand positioning, identity development, and marketing strategy, and a particular interest in the pivotal role employer branding plays in organizational success. 

In a career dedicated to propelling brands forward, Jillian’s commitment to aligning brand strategies with organizational truth has consistently delivered impactful results. She is thrilled to bring this expertise to Minnesota Aurora, building on the team’s incredible success and connecting the club with more fans across – and well beyond – Minnesota.