Creating pathways for women and girls to reach their potential, on and off the field.

Minnesota Aurora FC is a Minnesota pre-professional women’s soccer team. Aurora plays at TCO Stadium in Eagan, MN and competes in the USL W League’s Heartland Division. The team has been undefeated in two regular seasons and in 2022 was named their league’s Organization of the Year. Aurora is community-owned and values-led, with a mission of developing the next generation of women’s talent both on and off the field. In 2023 the team welcomed an all-women Front Office Leadership Team.

Our Values

Transformation: We spark positive change in soccer, women’s sports, and communities by fostering transparency, humility, innovation, and collaboration.

Inclusivity: We uphold the right for all people to live without hatred, violence, and discrimination by prioritizing equality in every decision we make.

Accessibility: We ensure soccer is for everyone by removing barriers and creating more equitable access to soccer for players, staff and fans.

Empowerment: We champion advancement and freedom of women and gender-expansive people by investing in their success on and off the field.

For Community, By Community

Aurora is the largest community-owned women’s team in the country.

Minnesota Aurora FC is a women’s soccer team, a community-owned team, and a community-driven built For Community and By Community.

In four months, 3,080 people  invested in Minnesota Aurora FC as part of our community ownership drive. Our support is international with owners in 48 states and 8 countries.

Soccer for and by community should be about joy, bringing people together, the shared emotions of triumph and heartbreak, and the celebration of greatness.

For Community: We exist within a network of diverse and unique people. We bear a social responsibility to bring those people together, amplify their voices, and build this community together.

By Community: Our club is an assembly of people, each one playing a different and essential role. The players, fans, staff, and ownership work together to form its identity and carry its vision forward.

Our Principles

  • Minnesota Aurora pursues sporting greatness with a human-centered focus. Our club offers opportunities and invests in women financially and holistically in pursuit of success.
  • The growth of women’s soccer requires investing in women in soccer. We are a women-led organization, and commit to actively recruiting, retaining, and promoting women in sports and those who share this goal.
  • We are dedicated to action and fierce advocacy for the broader advancement and freedom of women and gender-expansive people. We support reproductive rights, gender-affirming care, and bodily autonomy.
  • Soccer is for everyone. We commit to equitable access to soccer by removing barriers to entry for players and fans.
  • Our club recognizes that social and economic factors impact the people around us. We have a responsibility to play our part, and only succeed when our communities thrive.
  • We seek to eliminate bigotry in all its forms. We believe Black lives matter, trans women are women, and no person is illegal. We adamantly support the freedom of all people to live without hatred, violence, and discrimination.
  • We value innovation and creativity. Fostering ideas and imagination will build a unique and groundbreaking club.
  • We believe in collaboration and being in relationship with one another. We need to include stakeholders in our conversations and plans at all levels of the club. Our goal is to seek advice, listen, and give weight to others’ opinions.
  • We must operate with transparency and humility. We recognize that all these principles are a guiding light and North Star. It is the job of everyone involved with the club to ensure we strive for these principles and when we fail, to be honest, reflective, and make necessary changes.