Aug 7, 2022

Aurora Player Morgan Turner Signs Pro Contract


Minnesota Aurora player Morgan Turner becomes the first Aurora player to sign a pro contract – joining SCU Torreense in Portugal for the 2022-2023 season.  

Club: SCU Torreense in Portugal

First game: August 28 for the League Cup vs Clube Atlético Ouriense

League: Liga BPI

Torreense is in Torres Vedras. 

The club started in 1917. 

Motto: “orgulho do oeste” which means “pride of the west”.  

Morgan Turner quotes:

“Playing professionally is a dream come true for me, so I couldn’t be more excited to play for Torreense this season!

Playing for Aurora this summer prepared me to play professionally. I competed at a high level in practice every day with my teammates and we played against strong teams in our division and in playoffs. The coaches also helped me to improve by continuing to develop me as a player and teaching me more about the game in a variety of ways.

Playing in Portugal will allow me to learn from the different perspectives of my coaches and teammates and also teach me about different styles of soccer, and I’m excited to become a better player and coach from this experience.”
Turner finished the 2022 season playing in 8 regular season and all 3 post season games with 635 minutes, 8 goals and 16 total points on the season which led the team for the inaugural season. 

Minnesota Aurora was founded to create an environment for developing women on and off the field to grow and develop in the game. Turner’s signing is a tremendous achievement for Aurora in its first season.